Saturday, March 9, 2013

Today's Essentials.

I was getting ready this morning and decided to post today's essentials on my instagram. I think I'll start linking the information back to my blogspot for those who asked me about it recently. You can always catch me on twitter or instagram: @Jstarrrrr. Enjoy! 

 Book: "Discover Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifto, PH.D.
Sweater: ASAP 2012 Tour Sweater
Shoes: Nike Air Yeezy 2
Watch: Nixon 
Ring: Black Scale
Bracelet 1: Black Scale
Bracelet 2: Barney's
Necklace: Both 424 Jesus Pieces
Backpack: Incase
Laptop: Macbook Air 13' 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November!

It's crazy how fast time goes by but here we are closing up 2012. I've been submerged in work and projects but it's been a great year. I've spent a good portion of the year trying some new things, some worked, some didn't but the experiences of this year have been priceless. I always come back here and read my old post, so I figured this time I'd drop a line. I turned 25 this year (thank you lord for letting me see another year) and I really had a lot of time to reflect back on my teen years to my young adult years and really appreciate it. I started this blog about 5 years just looking to post some poetry and have a space to display some of my interest, but I never thought it would connect me to so many people from all over the world. I always give thanks to all the people who supported me here and continue to do so. This place for me is often like a digital photo album where I can come back and re-live some memories. Thank you to all who continue to rock with me after all this time, you are appreciated! Universal Love.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kendrick Lamar Tour Dates!

October is going to be a great month full of talented artist here in Phoenix. I've had the privilege to catch Kendrick Lamar every time he's came to the desert and he's definitely one of my favorite performers. October 11th, I hope y'all ready Phoenix! 

9/7 Norfolk, VA
9/8 Richmond, VA
9/11 Charlotte, NC
9/12 Baltimore, MD
9/13 Philadelphia, PA
9/14 Washington, DC
9/15 New York, NY
9/20 Detroit, MI
9/21 Minneapolis, MN
9/22 Milwaukee, WI
9/23 Chicago, IL
9/26 Tampa, FL
9/27 Miami, FL
9/28 Orlando, FL
9/29 Atlanta, GA
9/30 New Orleans, LA
10/8 Denver, CO
10/11 Phoenix, AZ
10/13 Portland, OR
10/14 Seattle, WA
10/16 San Francisco, CA
10/17 Los Angeles, CA
10/18 Pomona, CA

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recent Pick Ups!

Today, I picked up "Life Is Good" by Nas and "channelORANGE" by Frank Ocean. Support real music and go grab these albums! By grab, I mean, GO BUY!

It's W.A.R.

I was invited out to Justin Smith's photography showcase labeled "W.A.R." which hosted his recent photography. The venue was amazing, the event was astounding, and exactly what Phoenix needed. Ashton-Alexander does another fantastic job of capturing the energy of the event. Great work to all parties involved!

"Taking place in a charming, elegant room at The Ice House in Phoenix, Justin Smith's W.A.R. showcase stayed true to its setting. The handsomely framed prints captured moments from his time in NYC, LA, New Orleans, Vegas and AZ. The event was indeed a photography showcase but it was also a celebration of a newly completed Bachelor's degree for Justin as well as an introduction to the world as an artist." -

Make sure to check out all the recent projects from Ashton-Alexander HERE
Make sure to follow Justin Smith via Twitter!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Get your physical copy of "Jeary For Dolo"

The homie Jeary has been putting in mad work, even after the drop of his latest project "Jeary For Dolo". You can now buy the hard copy and Jeary has been signing every copy to show how much he appreciates the support!

Get yours for only $5 HERE!