Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lakers > Raptors.

The Lakers pushed their winning streak to seven games with a 112-99 win over the Raptors. Pau Gasol led the way with 24 points, while Kobe Bryant added 23 points. Next game at Indiana and lets continue to roll cats kthx!

J*star Approved!

I've always been a fan of ludacris so I had to tune into his latest album, but this one was way better then I expected it too be! Over the weekend I been listening to it pretty tuff and luda's got some dope colabs on it! If you haven't get the chance to listen to it I HIGHLY suggest you do so =]

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Oh yes that promo hoody is fresh off the press =] Make sure to check in with us over at GrindTime. Like I said 09 is looking real serious!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Make sure to spend time with the ones you love! Have fun and be safe! Oh yes this would be all 3 of my sisters! love them to death and glad to have em' around even when they're knuckle heads sometimes but they bring the best out in me and I'm VERY thankful to have them in my life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


High Point is set to put out the black scale line by mega for black friday! I've been a huge fan of this line more recently so I will be picking up some tee's aswell! If you kept up with the past with mega then you know he's gonna have some heat in this season so make sure to check it out! See you on friday!
P.s Slim will be in the shop all day doing the superman so come watch! lol!

Good Morning!

If you know me then you know I'm VERY random at times but today I woke up and felt really good about life. I think people get so caught up with the busy life they forget to stop and give thanks to the most important person.... YOU! Face it times are hard and just being alive is enough to cheer about. Having faith in god will always help you though the hard times but having faith in yourself will make any task possible. Katt Williams said "You have to be in tune with your star player" which I believe is so true. So please when you get up in the morning smile and give yourself a pat on the back because there will be 100 other people who rather stab your back.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Huffy The New Era Slayer!


Saturday November 22nd, 2008.
812 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

410 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Think Common!

Site finally launched and I think it came out REALLY well. Check It Out!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lakers > Suns

Bryant had 24 points in the Lakers' 105-92 win over the Suns. 9-1 Baby!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Interview With Evan Gunville!

J*star: So Evan tell the people about yourself

Evan Gunville: I'm Evan, The guy people knew, but never KNEW in school. Until I started getting my name out there with my photography, Not a whole lot of people knew who I was. I started shooting back in 06'. I took a intro to photo class. Loved it, so I went on to Photo school to learn more. This is what I want to do in life, make it big doing what I love.

J*star: Oh ok so where do you go to school now?

Evan Gunville: Right now I'm going to Grand Canyon University in N. Phx. But I don't plan on staying there. I'm thinking Scottsdale Community next year, then off to Chicago or NYC to hopefully go to Columbia U.

J*star: Already thinking about the future, that's good! So in the long run photography will be a career?

Evan Gunville: Ya I'm thinking that's the way I want to go. I've also thought about taking the safe route. You know, the business or marketing way. But that seems too cliche and personally I can't see myself completely happy doing it. The whole "office" atmosphere isn't really my thing.

J*star: Hey now I work in the office and its not THAT bad ha! So what sort of equipment and software do you use on your photos?

Evan Gunville: It's just not my thing. I currently shoot with a Nikon D50. Nothing special. But does the trick. On location shoots I've got my camera, a tripod, and sometimes a sheet to defuse light, and a white poster board to reflect light. After the shoot I load the images into my Portable hard drive. From there I use Adobe Bridge to sift through the images and Photoshop CS3 to edit. Depending on the shoot I have other programs. I try and stay up on the latest software. Which reminds me CS4 just came out.

J*star: For those just getting into photography, a lot of times those people don't know if they should buy a cannon or a Nikon. What would you suggest?

Evan Gunville: haha the age old question. Honestly it's all about personally preference. I suggest they research everything about the camera's they are looking at and pick which ones fits their needs. I decided to buy the Nikon because it was cheap and used haha. I didn't know at that point I wanted to do it as a career.
J*star: So tell us where are some of your favorite location to take pictures?

Evan Gunville: Defiantly the city! Some of my best images are taken in the City. I also love shooting studio but on location shoots present fun lighting challenges and it's already furnished haha

J*star: Sounds like the city can really bring a photo to life then. Whats some of the cities you have done work in?

Evan Gunville: I shot in Springfield, Illinois this past summer with the amazing Rose Turner for her collection, Rose~Mae Designs. I've recently done some work in Chandler with FORD model, Jeff Gleason and in Downtown Phoenix with J*Star again. I'm headed to Philly this winter. I'm hoping to arrange a few shoots while I'm there.

J*star: Seems you've been a busy man. Is there anyone you haven't had the chance to work with yet that you would like to in the future?

Evan Gunville: A ton. haha But I really want to work with some more FORD models and also do some more work for magazines. I'm shooting with FORD model Lauren Lostamo coming up here pretty soon. Should be pretty fun.

J*star: With all this in the works what do you hope people will take away from viewing your work?

Evan Gunville: I hope they see that a lot of hard work and time goes into each shoot. I want them to see that I'm not just another "photographer" like everyone else these days. I feel I have my own personal style and I want people to recognize it. I want my work to become a "household name" in a sense. When someone see's my work I want them to know the it's a Evan Taylor Gunville piece.

J*star: Ok here goes a random one for you Evan, if you could go anywhere in the world to take photos where would you go and why?

Evan Gunville: That's tough. I really want to go back to Brazil and shoot there but Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, even Tokyo. They are all places I want to shoot in at some point. They are the Major Cities of the World.
J*star: Ok Evan well its been a pleasure speaking with you today! Do you have any shout outs or special thanks you'd like to give?

Evan Gunville: Thank you to photo teacher and mentor Mrs. Sue Wright. also to those who help me all along the way including, J*Star for being a great model and support, Kaylee Renda for always being there to do make-up and styling shoots, to all my models and those who follow my work. and Aren't I suppose to thank my parents? haha But seriously they are a great support and critiquer's.

Where Is Wheel Chair Jimmy At?

Sometimes I feel if I could never talk again I would just let drake talk for me. If you havn't herd these 2 tracks I have no idea where you have been but these songs drake keeps about as real as you can get!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Fiend Who Just Happens To Be Fresh!

So the good homie Lady La likes to make me look dumb from time to time but I still got love for her ha! Go make sure to check The Fresh Fiends blog and show them some love!

Meet The Future.

Over the weekend AZ held it's very first Dunk Xchange and the turn out was great! I spent the majority of the day with the good people over at High Point helping out. We had a special guest today which would be Jonathan's son Alexis. Now I seen a lot of people at the Dunk Xchange but I felt lil man held it down the best. I don't think I ever seen a kid turn more heads in my life it was pretty intense but then again whens the last time you seen someone rocking BAPE head to toe. He's learning from the best and prepare to see him in the future teaching these kids how they do it in japan. Photos By: Sean.

Kanye Arrested... Again!

Kanye West was arrested after an alleged assault outside a U.K. nightclub, but was released without charge, according to British press reports. The paparazzi apparently took pictures of Kanye while he was leaving and when he took notice, he pushed the camera into the cameraman’s face, resulting in a cut to the nose. He might have made a song about flashing lights but he sure hates those lights on him ha! Either way we still love you ye'.

Q-Tip @ The Marquee!

I've patiently been waiting for monday to roll around to see Q-Tip live in full effect. This show should be dope and as SOON as I get off work I'm taking my tie off and heading to the Marquee Theatre. If you have yet to hear Q-Tip's album "The Renaissance" you are sleeping.

Where: Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ
When: Monday, Nov 17 6:30p

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dunk Xchange!

The DunkXchange is coming to Phoenix and its an event that you don't want to miss!!!! This event goes all around the world and for the first time its finally coming to our neck of the woods! High Point will have a booth selling some limited kicks, clothes, and hats at some great prices!! If their is anything imparticular that you are looking for let them know and they will bring it, if not come down and show some support for this event so it will come back next time and send a message that Phoenix is on the come up!!! -High Point Shoes.

R.I.P Grandma!

It's been a full year that my grandma has been gone today, which I have not been looking forward to today because for those of you who knew her knew how dear she was too me. I wrote a short piece early this morning so here it is...

Damn I miss you
Tears in my eye I need a tissue
Wishing you were here so I can kiss you
But the best is what I always wished you
I cant believe its been a full year
But not a day goes by where I dont wanna shed a little tear
It forced me to become a man and grow up
When your funeral came I swear I didn't wanna show up
Ofcourse grandma not out of disrespect
But I felt I got slapped with a reality check
Your no longer here but I know your still by my side
I'm trying to explain to my little sisters as they cry
Moms in the next room talking about suicide
At this point I never been in more of a rush to die
At times I felt Jesus was such a fraud
This pain I'm feeling there cant be a god
I didn't understand why god took my best friend, my world, my life
Cuts so deep into my soul, the tangible knife
Even when I write this I can taste my tears
Scared of death? No I already faced my biggest fear
Losing you was at the top of my list
Tears in my hands slowly turned into tears in my fist
I was outraged with mixed emotions of despair and hate
"this isn't fair!" I screamed this just wasn't her fate
Bad people live and good people die
Life is short and you sure didn't lie
I still keep your cell number in my phone
Wishing I can call you and tell you "come home"
But no I only get the answering machine
But I know you didn't just abandon me
So I will just wait til I see you again
My world, My life, My Best Friend

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank You God!

For putting even more good people in my camp! There are a lot of WACK people on this earth ( you know who you are ) but I'm glad I can say I have lots of really good friends who care about me!

Tomorrow @ Diamond!

You don't want to miss this online drop going down tomorrow @ 12 noon so get with the program people! A few different colorways on each crew neck and I must say it looks great! Can never go wrong with OG script ofcourse!

A Bathing Ape 2008 Winter Catalog

Very impressed with this line and as the winter comes around I have a feeling its gonna be a very good one! I love how bape has been taking its name back as of late because we all know bape in america has a bad rep but there are some people here in the states that know how deep bape really is...

The Votes Are In...

Monday, November 3, 2008


Closet Cleaning Season! I'm officially over the SB game seriously =/ Pretty much letting any sb out of my collection to go and secondly would be my de la's and already got a buyer on the tiff's =] J*star closet blow out sell everything must go go go! lol =]

Some Warriors Are Born Women!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sneak Peak!

Once again I was doing some work for Evan and we hit up downtown phoenix for these shots. I'm going to first say it was REALLY hot outside and especially with that jacket on but I just put that in the back of my mind. Shooting with evan is always fun because he makes it a good experience. I love streetwear but in this shoot I wanted to try something a little different and I have been DYING to wear my felt driver hat in a shoot because I think it looks classy and I feel like Hiroshi Fujiwara and he's deff some one I look up to. All in all the day shoot was mad dope and I can't wait to see the final product!