Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For All The Ladies!

Haha big up's to my bigga nigga drew or as I call him BRO! Haha they hella love you in the south!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go Go Gadget... New Sidekick!

As you all know I lost my sk3 in the club sunday night so I have been AIM-less and lord knows I miss it! I was thinking of picking up an LX but I think Im just gonna go for the new SK. I won't give too many details but from my resources says it should be coming out soon and should be pretty dope! shout outs to erika on the word!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Evan Does It Again!

"This isn't the first or the last time working with Mr. Jackson. I remember getting in touch with him for the American Boy shoot and knowing the night before the shoot was going to end up just like in envisioned it. The attitude, style and energy he brings is what contributes to such a successful shoot. I remember him bringing all the shoes and clothes to the first shoot and I was stunned by how prepared he had come. This wont be the last time you see something from this guy." - E.T.Gunville

Check Him Out!

R.I.P My Sk3

Last night in the club I happened to drop my phone and couldnt find it! Everyone always said I need to get a new sk3 but that phone was ride or die! Ive had 7 sk3 in my life and that one treated me the best =] Sure it was beat up but its what inside that counts! it worked soooo good for a long time but we had to part ways yesterday =/ I'm sure someone with a tall tee has it but oh well haha just make sure to save the phone for awhile it will be worth money some day. If im not on AIM I'm not dodging anyone I just have 1 cell phone now and aim on it is slow! gimme a few days "slapaho" will be back!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Don't Get Caught Slippin!

Since these guys like to talk shit about everyone I thought it be time to expose these "bobby fresh" dudes. These are the real crooks because that's how they do business and I have been getting an ear full of these guys antics and I must say SHAME ON YOU! I herd about the fashion show and been hearing how weak it was. Normally I wouldn't care but when your throw names on flyer's for people who never even knew about the event then I really cant fuck with you! Come on now! I rep diamond supply co. all day and they have no clue who these dudes are but whatever. Also from a few people I herd people in the fashion show all had fake J's too? Not so fresh if you ask me =/ Moral of the story yall burning bridges and need to come back to reality before yall get some huge law suits on yall and thats real. If anyone reading this has a problem feel free to reach me on AIM/EMAIL/MYSPACE or any other way you have of reaching me because I have to call out foul play when it's in the air and no wonder the rest of the scene thinks AZ is a joke with shit like this. Now back to our regular scheduled programs...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh My!

Billionaire Boys Club [BBC] will be releasing the T-Shirt you see above exclusively for their NYC Flagship Store. It will drop at 11am on Wednesday, July 30th. Choose from white or navy blue. If the tee doesn’t have you hyped already, listen to this. Two lucky customers who purchase this T-Shirt will receive free tickets for the star studded Glow in the Dark Tour concert at Madison Square Garden on August 5th or 6th. Get the camping gear ready! See a picture of Pharrell rocking the tee after the jump.

BBCIce Cream NYC456 West Broadway212.777.2225

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photoshoot: Phx I Got You!

I had got a txt earlier during the week from Evan a pretty well known photographer in our hood to do some more work so ofcourse we set up plans to make things happen. I worked with evan before so it was a no brainer too come back. With evan and his special projects we set up a time to meet up downtown in Phoenix. Let me start off by saying I've done tons of shooting outside but this had to be the HOTTEST it's ever been when I was out shooting. These shots we did a lot of walking but it was all fun ofcourse because this is something I do for fun so no matter the challenge I don't like to complain. The downtown phx area has tons of construction so yes ofcourse the kicks got dirty! Either way it was mad fun and Evan is a great guy and great photographer that makes this shit fun! Good working with yah again and cant wait to do some more work! here is some "on the scene" pics =] and look forward to seeing some pics when evan releases them on my personal myspace and his myspace aswell!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Traffic Tickets!

I need to start driving with a wig on so I can say its not me! Lol anywho I'm still saying fuck the law and add this too my collection of tickets =/ This would make this traffic ticket numero tres in 2 months! I drive to get places I dont fucking go site seeing lol >:O

All Systems Go!

So my computer was down for a min due to some BULL SHIT with Windows OS but now were back in actiong so back to my normal bloggin' and random myspace shit talking lol! =]


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thomas Wardlow!

Shoutouts to tdubs! Check the hypbeast post if you havn't yet!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diamond Heat!

The drop will take place this Saturday, July 19th at the Diamond Supply Co. Flagship store on Fairfax at 11am. The Legends pack consists of, The Philly’s Finest Dr. Jay, The ATL Classic Hank Aaron, The Joe Montana SF Original, and The Pele King of Brasil Shirt. This collection is one of the most limited Diamond Supply Co. Tee releases ever made–only 30 pieces per colorway, and will not be released anywhere else. If you’re not located in the LA area, Diamond Supply Co. will be releasing another limited run of 30 pieces per colorway online sometime next week.

Video Of The Week!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Count Me In!

Had maddd fun last time and plan to do it again. Sean posse up? I think so!

Honorable Mention -- Jean Grae

I had to post this album because I feel it's so refreshing to hear some dope beats with good lyrical content. I've been a fan of jean for some time now and she didn't let me down with this album "Jeanius". I just recently listened to the entire album and I must say she deserves more prop's then she already getting =] In this album she digs deeps and touches on some issue's that some people might frown upon but she does it with confidence. For myself I'm a huge talib fan so anything under blacksmith is good in my book but this seals the deal for me right here.
Jean says... "I'm the eric cartman of this rap shit / (cartman's voice) I fucking hate you guys!"
Now go cop that album and support real hip hop!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Shake Hands Make Friends!

Today after the rain cleared up I headed down to the Full FX shop for some future work. I hadn't been down to the shop in a cool min so I had to pay eddie a visit plus introduce him to some people aswell. Me and the homie kevin had rolled out to link up with Slim ( ) to talk about the future. Big ups to him as he continue's to do his thang! Deff look forward to seeing him all over the place this summer. Even though today was humid as fuck it still was a cool day, now let me get off this so I can start my evening correct! =]

P.s bigggg shoutout's to jaymane on the dollar ring! haha

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where In The World Is J*star?!

First things first... I'm NOT dead! Lol thank you for all who care about my well being I recently been taking a vacation from the online world and returned with a lot of concerns. The good homie Jonathan from bt2 ( ) told me my blog sucks becuase I been away from the online scene for a good couple of weeks. I noticed recently there are a lot of you that come to my blog on a daily basis so I feel I owe it to you guys to keep it some what interesting, so I wanna give a big thanks to everyone who supports what I do. I have a lot of good stuff coming up within the next few weeks here so deff. stay tuned in with me!

Special Thanks: Thomas @ Diamond Supply Co., Sean // S.S //, Jonathan @ Bapetalk2, The Ladies @ Weekend Warriors, All the Cowtown fam, King and Duck, Doms My Manager, The Fam @ High Point, GrxndTime, Evan My Photographer, Jaymane and Too Legit Fam, and everyone who has BEEN supporting me over the years!

Honorable Mention -- Eric Jerome Dickey

If you keep up with me I do Honorable Mention for people that I feel are ground breaking or just making some moves that I feel are worth giving some
credit too because often I feel the people who work hard don't get half the credit they deserve =/ So part of my blog that I will be doing weekly is "Honorable Mention". So with that being said lets go ahead and jump on the newest member of this section....

Eric Jerome Dickey is who I picked for this week because I have read 3 of his books in the past month and found them to be VERY good and having me at the edge of my seat constantly. He's also very good at writting from a women's perspective aswell so you have to give him some extra points for that. I was first introduced to him through a co-worker who had traded a book with me. I do tons of reading but his books had me putting my Einstein book reading on major hault. My favorite of the 3 books was "The Other Women" is a novel about a women who finds out her husband is cheating with a married women. She finds out because the cheating women's husband contacts her to explain to her about her husbands wrong doings. The book has twist after twist and I often found myself forgetting I was at work when I was reading lol if you havn't read any of eric jerome dickey's books you deff. need to add this to your book collection and if you dont have a collection start one with him in it! Remember kids reading keeps your mind fresh =]

Kicking It With Diamond!

I had got word about these awhile ago but I didn't think it was dropping anytime soon! But its looking good so far and I cant wait to see the final product on the colorways! GJ nick and all the good people over at diamond!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lust Over Trust.


People's actions can cut you worse then words ever could. Hurts even more when that action they take is too lie to your face. You take the time to sit down and think if the person ever thought about you before carrying out the duties of becoming a liar... The concept behind it blows my mind as it makes no logical sense too me. Somethings are better left unsaid as I was told. The word "Betrayal" inked to your skin but its I who have been betrayed.