Friday, May 30, 2008

More Speeding Tickets!

So once again the man is trying to keep me down lol I'm pretty sick of the police and the law in general. I will be in court sometime this month to take care of this and add this too my $1300+ worth of speeding tickets I alreay have.
A wise man once said... "Drive slow homie!" fuck the law!

More Wee Ninja Action =]

I found a spot that sells em' and I had to scoop another one up lol They come in a special box so you have no idea which one your getting and I got so lucky to get a white one =] The whole plush doll is a "kawaii" thing and if you don't know about it you might not understand, don't worry its a japanese thing ^_^

Flashing Lights Pt. 3

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Make Em Say Ughhhh!

My latest package came in today and yes its one of my holy grail's! Haha lets just say I've been wanting these for awhile now and glad to add it to the sb family =] Top Secret for now though =]

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Magneto Nigga Tryna Bring Down [X]-Men!

Yes Yes Yes yall the TINXFAMILY was on deck for the evening as we hit the bowling alley. The whole fam other then doms was in attendance so ofcourse we had a blast. Most people don't really know about "The Tin Family" and that's just how the fuck I like it. Same thing with S.S shoutouts to sean btw! Drew was out here from L.A. for the weekend so ofcourse we had to get together for this event. The night was fun and I love my family. Big ups to all that came out =]
"I Can't [X]plain Why I Don't Give A Fuck About A Bitch. Just Blame It On My [X]"

I Got My Chinky Little Eye On This!

I'm not a huge fan of jewlery but I seen this and I thought I really want one. They run about $230 but its totally worth it IMO =] Complete Technique Jewelry for the win!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Special Big Ups!

So today I thought I'd do a piece for the homie, some people know him as Tdubs others know him as Thomas, But I just call him family. I met thomas a few years ago since we had some mutual friends. We were just out chillen with some of the same people so we would chop it up and just laugh. At the time I didn't even know thomas skated but when I found out he did it seemed like we were always at the skate park. Thomas is prolly the most humble person I have came across in my life for the simple fact he never forgets his people. Tons of time thomas would come down to the skatepark and give away boards in hardware to people who couldn't afford it or sell skate shoes for superrr cheap just so someone could get on their board and ride it. Even though thomas lives in L.A. he still keeps in contact with his people in AZ even with his busy schedule he has now he makes time for it. Every time I've ever been around the homie he never was the type to be negative or make negative remarks, If anyone is high on life it would be him. Thomas is a young cat but I have learned so much from this dude and I wanted to say thanks again to him and also give God a high five for putting another great person in my circle. I wish you the best fam and I know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Check Thomas Blog

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blast From The Past!

This pic is old school right here haha from Sneaker Pimps in L.A. me (dooms) sean (de la's) drew (chucks). Good Night with Good Music. There was only one little fat hating asian but he couldn't knock our fun. Also "Spectacle Squad" Is still around and no its not a "group" its actually just a inside joke so no you can't join ha!

Go Go Gadget Roadsta's!

Ever since I been hanging out with jonathan my big bro from bt2 ( ) I've been back on the scene with bape/bbc, I been venturing off with other sneakers now adays since Nike has been letting me down a lot in the past 6 months. I've been buying alife's, supra's, and even got my gucci sneakers on pre-sale. But I got a call about these from my big bro and I'm super excited about these Roadsta's. I will take mine in silver please =] silver surfer!


Oh yes they are putting these tee's out again from season 1 & 2 a.k.a the good season haha either way this is a must have for me!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Support It.

I been a fan of em for awhile now and I feel no one is putting out dope music like they have/are doing. Deff way ahead of there time with some CRAZY beats. Shout outs to the "Hip Hop Icon" aka sarah for putting me up on game when it comes to hip hop. Drop Beats, Not Bombs Yo!


And Anotha One!

Oh but it's a secret for now =]

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

My grandma would be 66 if she was still here but I didn't forget her even if she gone she still the best thing to ever happen to me. My grandma passed away in nov right before thanksgiving and christmas so I gotta say the holidays have been rough. She was pretty much all I ever had but now its me against the world. I miss her everyday I wake and think about what great times we had. My grandma was my mom, my dad, my best friend, my partner in crime, my everything. I'd give up everything I have to hug you one last time and to see your face. You did so much good things for the people around you. You molded the person and man that I am today. You taught me to fight when it gets hard. I will never forget my soccer games when I was 9 and you would drive me around town to my games even though they were not anywhere by our house. Plus we had to wake up at 7am on saturday! Grandma you are and forever were the best. When I told you I wanted to take my gaming serious you drove me to all my tournaments. The best memory I have of my grandma is when I was about 10 I wanted to go "trick or treating" for halloween but I didnt have a costume, we didnt have money for one either then my grandma took the sheet off the table and cut holes in it for eyes and I was a ghost that year. That ment so much to me. My grandma loved to suprise me she bought me every game system I could imagine. She inspired me to do so much and even advance my poetry. Most people dont know I dropped out of hs but she made me go back and get my stuff together. My grandma always told me I could do whatever I wanted in life. I always promised I was gonna buy you a house on the hill grandma and that truck that you always wanted. It sucks I didnt get to that for you because I would have loved to see your face. I had to celebrate thanksgiving, xmas, and mothersday alone not to mention everday missing you. I used to get so happy to see "gcell" pop up on my cell phone caller id but now its gone. I guess god called your phone and called you home. I remember when I got the news you passed away I was in the middle of the street and I dropped and I laid on the street kicking and screaming. I cried for the first time in what felt forever. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs its not fair. The funeral I just wanted it to be over the whole time I was there, no disrespect grandma but you know me. A few times in the shower I would just break down and cry. The feeling of losing someone and someone that ment the world to you is the greatest loss I ever had to take. I have such a busy life and sometimes I try to supress the feelings of missing you. I dont have anyone to count on anymore that I know could do anything. You were like a super hero to me, and honestly I always thought you'd out live me...

-To the best thing god ever gave me, grandma.

Let's Catch Up!

The homie Decarlo or Pee Wee Horton as me and drew call him had stopped my crib after I got off work hah. I have known decarlo for awhile now adays but rarely see this dude, he's on his shit though! He came by and I got to peep his new whip and he also brought me some kicks! Simple fun but catching up with old friends is always good!

Roarrrrrrrrrrr =]
Rearview mirror action lol

His shoes
My shoes =]

Sean tried to hotsauce me with my beat up sidekick3 but I got a few phones so I don't care =]
"If you have hate in your heart, let it out!" haha quote of the year

I think I have too much fun with my life =]

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dino Jr's For Sale!

Size 10 VNDS
No bums, broke ass niggas or tall tee wearing kids

Serious buyer make me an offer.

Size Large, Go Go Go!

If you know me then there is no need to even ask ^_^.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Myspace, A Place For.. Wtf!

Call me old fashion but I will stick to the script =/ I think I herd it all now adays...

Video Of The Day!

She almost 50 and still doing the damn thing plus her new album "hard candy" is dope! kanye, pharrell, and justin timberlake make some "stops" on a few tracks =] dont sleep on this lady!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

So thursday night was a busy one as King and Duck had a fashion show at Axis Radius, which by the way is a real nice club. The homie Jonathan and his buddy also came out to help out the King and Duck crew. Jonathan is the homie over at bt2 ( I got so much respect/love for this dude so ofcourse chillen was dope. There were so local cats in the house rocking out on the stage, personally I didnt like it for the simple fact they had a song lyric that said "fuck melrose" and was talking about scottsdale like it was the place to be =/ I really hated scottsdale after I got kicked out of the club for under age drinking! ha oh well shit happens and I do what the fuck I want because that's how I roll. Anywho the night overall was cool, shoutout's to King and Duck for holding the club down! And shoutouts to Big brandon over at King and Duck because this guy does a lot of work and dosn't get a pat on the back so do yo thang son!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

E. Gun Photo Shoot!

Today I headed over to chandler to meet with Evan ( at the studio for some photo's, we had talked about doing some work in the past and finally set up a time to take care of business. I showed up at the studio at noon and the shoot lasted about 2 hours which wasn't too bad at all. Dom's my right hand man was on the scene with me and he always helps me change fits and add's his extra input on things which is great for me so shout outs to him aswell. All in all the day was good and I will deff be doing more work with Evan in the near future. I will make sure to post a few of the finishing results up for yall when I get them also. Here are some sneak peaks from the shoot, enjoy =].

Monday, May 12, 2008

Party At High Point!

So last night High Point hosted an event at there store and it turned out really well. I always get excited for events in AZ that deal with the streetwear or sneaker cats so I already had the mindset of attending even before they invited me out. I thought this was a good event because I didnt see a whole bunch of random kids with the whole hypebeast attire. I seen a lot of people that actually knew what they were doing which made me really happy to see there is still hope for AZ. The event itself had a DJ spinnin some good hits and had free drinks all night! I was sippin and enjoying life! here are some pics from the event...