Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Write.

No sleep, my mind is so restless
Life is so precious
Drawing up perfection
But these dreams are just scetches
Ever so often my thinking is cynical
When I think of who is dependable
Life gives you lemons; make juice
Refresh your spirt or hang from a noose
Left at times can be so right
left; the blured vision of sight
Distracted with greed
starving pockets need feed
The truth is an dying breed
Let education carry your seed
The true barrier for excelling
For others their soul they keep selling
Rappers and their story telling
Farther from the truth their sailing
Indeed society as a whole is failing
We win alone and lose together
Obtaining peace seems like never
The foundation is broke
The system is a complete joke
Even our own country brought over coke
The declaration of independence poorly wrote
But this american dream is supposed to calm my folk
Telling me if I wanna make a change, I will have to vote
But no one knows 300 of our men on foreign seas died on a boat
They cover that up with MTV and more brittany spears soaps
I guess I will sleep now my mind is a labyrinth
And I have more truth for the higher level thinking mind then you can imagine

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take Over Tour!

We finally hit L.A ready to do some shopping and just have some fun being back out on the block

Since recently I have been on BT2 I keep hearing about the bape store that is supposed to open so I thought I take a quick picture for some people who would love to see, I know I plan to make it into the store when it does open and im very curious to see how fairfax reacts to bape being in town. Only time will tell... Chillen infront of the crooks store it was deff nice to go check out with crooks people they are real cool people. We were talking down there talking to them for a good 20 mins and they even gave us a heads up on some of the new stuff dropping for crooks so be on the look for that. If you have yet to go to crooks store you are missiong out on a really good treat. Mr Galaxy x Young money, haha I know you hate that name but oh well its all good she decided to leave her rock and venture off with us on our tour on melrose as we headed back over to diamond to talk to thomas. It was pouring so we had to take shelter for a cool second on our way back to diamond, I think it rained for a good 20 mins before it stopped but when it did and the sun came back out it was great it was one of those things that you HAVE to see... amazing.

After packing up we had headed up to the beverly center, we picked up some really good stuff on fairfax x melrose that day I was deff happy to pick up more shoes after I promised I wouldnt buy anymore shoes but hey you live once lol

After the beverly center we were going up to rosco to again link up with thomas and talk some business about G.T.T and look over something, I think sean had pointed this out where it looks like a bum prolly resides lol but if you look close you can see a nike blazer its a really cool picture to me for whatever reasons very dope. This is by far the biggest KFC sean and me have prolly ever seen in both our 20 years of living I dont know how its 2 stories but it really is go check for yourself! This is a spot I had been waiting to visit for a really long time because I never been to union, stussy, or undftd so it was a big day for me. I really wanted to visit union for Original Fake and Head Porter because I like a lot of that stuff.

So I seen this on the wall when I was inside stussy and I had to take a picture of it I really been into this type of stuff lately and I really thought it was creative, I asked the people in stussy if it would be cool if I took the picture because some store like to set trip so I had to make sure that was straight first =] I liked this pic so much its now my background on my page for myspace.

So me and el rocketo got spruced up for the night as we and the whole gang took the tour over to riverside for candi's big party. It was a cold night and everyone said I would be super hot but I won the battle as everyone else froze their ass off cuz the party was in the backyard. It was a fun night that ended safely. Shout outs to candi and all the people who showed up had fun meeting a lot of you. This would be my little nigga bell! it was her bday party she had just turned 18 so we headed over to her crib and sang her all the bday wishes. For the record her mom makes super bomb food, me and sean were deff set for a few hours =] Haha look closely and you can see dora the explora haha it was all over the place I guess bell still hasnt grown up too much hah but she cut her cake which me nor sean tasted because we had ate so much earlier. Yea you know we had to ask about those shoes we seen on myspace one time so she brought em out and we laughed but she claims they are super comfortable so I guess we will let that slide. J*star x Sean, argyle socks because we are the bizzness

Lowkey shots of jellyfish, hit her up on aim she is prolly pissed right now! haha current mood... pissed! shes cool though when she isnt trying to murder anyone

I really dont think sean wants to battle for the abs shot hah you know who would win ladies... me duh! =] Sean on the phone prolly had a "bite" and Jellyfish deff hates to drive anywhere but at this time we were all drunk so by process of elimation she was picked to lead us on our pizza voyage =]
I call this my "tequila monster" face but man was I drunk, we did some shots at the crib and people if you know me I love to drink but I do NOT do tequila but I made an exception for the night just because its cali and out here go big or go home and AZ isnt really my steez. =]

Dear Drunkin Headache.... LEAVE ME ALONEEEE!Sean x Tequila

We Left cali with a few kicks haha good pick ups though =] Prolly the best trip to cali in a long time these pictures were just 3% of how much stuff we did maybe next time MTV should roll and give us an hour long show haha because we had THAT much fun. I wanna say thanks to all who made this tour possible, big ups to all the people at Diamond Supply aswell.


My favorite pick up of the whole trip, was deff my wee ninja I had been looking for my little buddy for the longest online but now I got my ninja! haha his name is "Sentai" which is Japanese for team.

Good News.

My good inside sources say's that kanye and the glow in the dark tour are still coming to az, I herd the event is supposed to show at the glendale arena so everyone who was planning on going lets all keep our fingers crossed that this comes our way because the cali shows are deff sold lol

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Pre-Quel

G.T.T Welcomes me to the family.

I am very excited about this opportunity here to work with G.T.T ( ) They invited me to the family to do blogging with them. It's a great move for myself gives me the chance to work with some more really great people, I look forward to helping this whole movement aswell and use my chinky but very keen eye open to the streets. thanks again!

The "Take Over" Begins!

Ah yes its that time again where we ruin some niggas lives in the matter of 48 hours lol me and sean are back out to cali with this being the "take over" tour plenty of stops on the way. we shall be in town tomorrow evening. First stop on the tour [ Burbank ] now back to my packing for the trip >:)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Next stop... SO-CAL!

This weekend ( feb 21-25 ) I will be BACK in cali with sean ladies and gent's make sure to mark your calendar because we will be all over socal. The last tour was called the "two fresh tour" and we all know that was a good one where we made a lot of niggas sad at 6 flags haha. This tour will be a good one where once again we take over for the weekend. lock your daughters/sisters/mothers up we will be on the prowl... POSSE^
4SHO( L.A, Pasadena, Burbank, Long beach, Riverside ) Just to name a few.

Monday, February 18, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast!

Happy Birthday Loni! Yessir this is my nigga 4real though, the realist chick I came across in all my time. We done had some amazing stories together, broke a few necks even "got em hatin'" hah! Love loni with all my heart and hope she gets everything she desires in life! p.s my sister is bomber than yours! hahaha

Look Out For Drake.

Please world do not sleep on this cat right here. I've been listening to this guy pretty heavy lately and I gotta say he is pretty versatile with his flow. Got something for the ladies, something for the dudes, something for the parties, and something for when you want some personal time with your girl. I got to hear a lot of "comeback season" which is drake's mixtape early thanks to thomas ( ) and was very impressed. Very under rated cat but expect to see this guy go far in the near future. check him out at ( ) J*star approved. Yes.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day!

Hope everyone has a good and safe day!

Glow In The Dark Tour!

This is deff an event I'm looking forward to, I been hearing lately that this tour might actually hit arizona. I seen some dates posted for this and been all over ticket master. If anyone has anymore info on this please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fucked By The Long Arm Of The Law.

So after going to court today I got a ticket that was originally priced at $1400+ down to $200, little did I know the police have once again FUCKED me over lol I come out and the police have took my license plate AND I got ANOTHER ticket lol I just cant wait to get out of america and off to japan.

Loni's Bday Dinner This Weekend.

Instead of a bunch of txt's msgs asking whats poppin this weekend let me save people sometime! my sister LONI yall might know her =P is having her dinner party THIS FRIDAY and its RSVP only so you know niggas with tall tee's will not be in attendance (you know who you are) msg me or loni on myspace to get more details.

Monday, February 11, 2008

She's Bomb!

Kim Kardashian, is straight fire if you ask me. I dont care about WHAT ray j did (lol) she still can get it! besides I feel if nick cannon can pull that, so can I =] call me cocky I dont care haha!

OG status.

The shoe that started it all... my very first pair of dunks! These are super OG x 3 status. The shoe itself is 4 years old but I still wear it.... to rake my lawn lol but it will never leave the nest. If me and this shoe could talk we would have stories for days! Love all my shoes the same but these will prolly be the ones they bury me in. =]

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kanye's murakami jesus piece.

This is a real dope piece right here, deff gets big points on being original but that just "kanye" for you =]

See These Ice Cubes, See These Ice Creams.

So lately I have been feeling a lot of different things as far as gear goes so deff stay tunned. I have a few secrets in that bag. My favorite lines are The Hundreds, Diamond, and Crooks & Castles but lately Ive been on some new shyt so deff look for it, im on a quest for greatness. =]

Weekend Warriors.

We stop traffic when we hit the city haha
tdubs x jstar = good times always.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Education Meet Your Connect; Fashion.

Im way more then the dunks and the fashion
Much more then swagg and all of the flashing
More then lights, camera, action
Deeper than jstar you might meet j.jackson
Past the louis vuitton and levi's saggin
More then the girls who just keep on braggin
Past the nigga with the chinky eyes
Much much more then the haters lies
Way more then the spectacle that rest on my face
Much more deeper then 7,000 friends on myspace
If I'm shallow then the oceans not deep
I bet I'm Much more then what your eyes first peep'd
So before I was posted on your "who I'd like to meet"
There is much more to this package then the shoes on my feet
Girls and their regergatated lines calling me boo
They say "oh jstar I herd all about you
"Did you hear Im in love with the books
Nope, but I herd all about your looks
They think Im caught on material things
I could never get stuck on the hoes and the bling
How about for once you come and stimulate my mind
You have a brain, so can your opinions not be mine
Chicks say im different and try to warn me
Then have no clue what the fuck is global warming
What do you expect from a society when sex sales
2008 im ahead of my time so im living in 2012
4 years ahead to be percise like a senior
And these niggas aint fresh, man
If you spent half the time you do imatating my look
Those pages would be much more book
And I bet you'd be much more then crook
Wouldn't wanna kill me for some girl that I just took
Society rather sweep education under the mat
Thats why her parents dont know if she pregnant or fat
They can't tell us why some people drive cadillac's
And some people sleep with the rats
Then america wants to know why people are on crack
Before tv lies to me I think I will read books and gather my facts

Monkey See. Monkey Do.

Well after many months of wanting this item, the good fellas over at looked out for me with my latest pick up! I been wanting this bape g-shock watch for some time now. Some dreams really do come true hah! I had rocked this today and tons of people asked me "why yellow" the story behind that would be my grandma's favorite color was yellow. A little known fact so those who keep up with me know the scoop! Thanks again to everyone at bapetalk2!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My ipod.

So I found my love in my new ipod, I picked it up and havn't put it down since =] Music has done so much for my life lately. It's became the friend that I can always relate to from the passing of my grandma to these girls that try to send me thru the "turbine" to day to day ish` I have a lot more appreciate for music then I ever have before recently however I've have to thank a certain person for that aswell. that person knows who I'm talking about, so thank you.

[ I always HERD music, I just started to LISTEN to music though. -J*star ]