Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Can't Live Without My Radio

So after a long weekend of partying at kshort's crib someone broke into my car and stole my radio lmao I'm gonna assume it was a crack head because I had shoes and clothes in the car and even CHANGE in my car but it wasn't missing. I was mainly pissed because the person threw my RAKIM cd on the ground and I'm sure my radio is now at a pawn shop or being used to bump soulja boy =/

New Shirt From Tin Status

My latest release would be this t-shirt in my project "Tin Status" it's a personal shirt of course but I'm working on releasing 5 shirts before May. Some of you may know about my project and some may not so let me inform everyone what tin status is just a little bit... Me and My brother (frenzzy) always talk about the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz because he wanted a heart however here is the twist we feel its better to be heartless. We consider being in love to be the "yellow brick road" which if you ask us is the last place you wannabe lol. People have always called us heartless and were pretty much A-OK with that. I'm not saying love is bad but if you go dancing down the yellow brick road with someone at least make sure they are worth your time. Long story short Tin Status is just about being heartless and if you know anything about success your going to have to step on a few necks and you just might break some hearts on the way.

[X] Look Ten. Be Tin [X]

One Of My New Favorite Sites

My latest addiction has been this site. I even created this image for their myspace because the guys over at bt2 are really great guys aswell. I made this post because I found myself spending hours on this website, the good ole boys over at bt2 ( ) have tons of goodies on this site. My personal favs is always celebs rocking bape I love that one if I had to chose one. Its a good website even if your not TOO fond of bape however if you like Bape/bbc you would love it. I wasn't much of a bape/bbc go'er myself but since meeting a really cool dude who works for them I found myself getting back into and my first Bape piece of 08 will be my g-shock watch.

Special Thanks.

Had to give a big shout out to my boy D.J. Fashen and all the King and Duck staff ( They deff help put az on the map as far as street wear goes. Every time I go to california people always assume there is nothing but cactus out here. Also fashen is a shoe head himself so big ups to that aswell. (

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tax Season

Some people love christmas, Some love valentine's day, I say fuck both of those days it's all about tax season. After uncle sam jerk's you around for 300+ days of the year you actually get something back haha. God bless america... til I get to japan! haha =]
P.S That pics amount x 15 = The Reason Im Smiling.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Short Poem For The Evening.

"I Got A Shoulder"
JustiN JacksoN

Your scared to look forward, It hurts to look back
You came across lies and hard time dealing with the facts
Love took you on a bumpy ride
But don’t worry I'm here by your side
The thing that hurts the most is letting go
I been there so I really do know
Discovering love can be one of the greatest things in life
But when it's gone it leaves scars like a big jagged knife
Days go by saying I wish, I wish, I wish
Then you realize all the things you really do miss
In your head you know you need to do what’s best for you
But your heart disagrees and has no clue on what to do
The things you do today will affect you tomorrow
Your heart is broken, your looking for one to barrow
So come here, it's ok and I'll lend you mines
We can wait for yours to mend its just a matter of time
But you have to promise to return mines back not broken
So take it as appreciation, take it as a token
A token to a future and hopefully happiness
I want to take away your pain and relieve you from the stress
In the mean time I respect the things you do
I just wanted you to know that I'm right here for you

Some Downtime.

Well, my internet was down for sometime at the crib however I did manage to stop by kshort's(kirstein) through out the week. But I am now back in full effect!

Also while stoping in at kshort's I found my new love for ice tea! thank you mucho kshorty!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick Thoughts For Today.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My vision is fine but I rock my spectacles
To see past life's lies that are so skeptical
widen your horizon, open your eye lids
The truth in society rings on silence
School books the empowered blindness
Its never to late, when failure is timeless
Inhale with your ears, Exhale with your eyes
No surprise were all prophesied to die
Make a difference before down you lie
the truth will set you free, lets soar
20,000 miles away from home to fight a war
when 2 blocks over the wars at home
The same block where children are alone
The Same block where the housing made of loam
The same block where the cops love to roam
The same block where you dare not to flash chrome
This block has no grass, no garden, or gnomes
The block where the teens don't know their alphabets
The block where you better make it inside before sunset
The block where just life alone is a roulette
The block where its ran by gangs and set
The crips, The bloods, I know you didn't forget
Unity might just be closer than a dream
Where educations makes you supreme
Not the labels on the seams
where TV does nothing for your self esteem
And my brothers blood on the streets doesn't stream
Until then I will constantly daydream....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blog Is Up!

Alright folks after me being lazy I finally have my blog up and in working full order. This blog will be hosting a few of my interest from my own personal poetry to my clothing that I will be putting out this year towards the end of 08. I thought the blog would be a great way for me to get a few things running and thanks all who support my ideas and continue to do so!