Monday, June 30, 2008

Ape Shall BBQ Ape.

The good homies had a BBQ so I had to come through for that since I never pass on good food =] I was chillen with the homie jonathan from bt2 ( ) and if you know us you know we always be doing it big and doing the pharrell dance at the end of the night. The bbq was cool then after we hit the bar to throw down some more drinks and just enjoy life. Also jonathan had introduce me to his boy's clothing line called "Bleach Nation" so be on the look out for that on the west. The night all in all was good music, good people, good food, and a good amount of drinks! Lol the bape fam always holds me down!

Night On The Town!

Saturday night's in AZ usually suck because I work sunday mornings so either I keep it home or something simple. I never had been to "Dave and Buster's" so I went on the invite. Nat had moved to hawaii awhile ago so when she told me she had made it in town I had to come visit everyone. I enjoyed catching up with everyone I hadn't seen in awhile and even tho my weak sprite was like 3 dollars lol fuck'd up economy. Good times and nat come back to AZ!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Let me start off by saying this was the best movie I have seen in the past 6 months hands DOWN and especially after seeing the hour long suck fest better known as "The Happening" I was so happy to see a movie that had a good plot and NON-corny acting ( shoutouts to brii for pointing that out ) . The whole movie is good from start to end and I would put this movie under "300" as my list for favorite movies. If you haven't seen the movie yet you should either go watch it NOW or poke your eyes out to save yourself from watching any other movie that won't compare to "Wanted". P.S Angelina Jolie = O_O (that's my "omg" face lol)
J*star says... 15/10 It's that damn good.

Sean x LOLL-i-pop

The good homie Sean ( ) had posted this pic on his blog so I had to get him hah! After the sk3 pics you know im still "sooper salty!" hah but had to give a lil shout out to the homie! I've known sean for almost a full 2 years now and we've been through it all. I would have to say I feel he's my only real competition in AZ and for whatever we do compete lowkey lol. Either way this is usually my partner in crime and when I say crime thats what I mean because half the nights end up with cops haha! Keep doing yah thang man and ladies stop telling me my friend is sexy its fucking up my self esteem LOL! =]

"Lil wayne ft. Sean - Lollipop Re-remix"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diamond Shakes The Block!

Today much anticipated Raekwon shirt had dropped in Diamond store. I had talked to thomas earlier today and he said it was mad crazy on the block. I wasn't to surprised that everyone packed up and headed down to fairfax. All in all it sounded like it was a good turn out for diamond so shout out's to all the good people at Diamond Supply Co. for another hit!

BBC Season 7

After a weak season 6, I am very proud to say that I am extremly excited about season 7!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fuck The Law!

Today I had went to court to handle SOME of the tickets I have and I must say if there is anything that makes me want to get out of america faster it's gotta be this fucked up system =/ I don't understand how R Kelly can fuck a 16 year old girl but I can't drive 16 mph over the speeding limit =/ So with that being said "Japan Or Bust!" get straight off the plane and tear my SSN card up!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diamond Supply Co. x Raekwon Tee

Saturday June 28th this tee will be dropping and I know this tee is gonna have cat's going crazy. If your planning on getting this tee you better work your connect or end up on ebay paying $100+. Diamond has been putting out a lot of good stuff so make sure to support the good guys at Diamond Supply Co. so they can keep putting out heat!

Black color way - 150 pieces [In-store] 200 pieces [Online]
White color way - 50 pieces [In-store ONLY]

Monday, June 23, 2008

You say werd, I say word.

I feel the need to speak about the economy
So study this star like any other in astrology
Homeless people sleep in front of Ferrari dealerships
Shaking their plastic cups for a meal and shit
Unemployed line longer, Graduation line shorter
Less education, Less time spent in boarders
Even the employed hold cups and shake up their quarters
Now you tell me if that's a fucked up type of order
I stand at the gas pump like its do or die
I can choose not to eat or choose not to drive
Either way I go, I have to decide
Essentially I need both so I'm already half deprived
And everyday I have to sit down and swallow my pride
When our own government tells us lies
Then I'm a threat when the truth lurks my eyes
It hurts my heart to hear the children cry
But even the government knew Osama would take the sky
For this country would you really die?
Not me I don't own a flag because I don't support the lie
They say "J*star are you going to vote?"
Only if I could vote to get rid of them both
I don't want to rain on your pins and buttons that read change
But there is to much going on for one person to maintain
A place where legs open more then books
A place where the cops are the real crooks
A place where great grandma is barely 60
A place where sex hasn't been safe since the 60's
A place where people are powered by greed
A place where the leader of the country can barely read
And you mean to tell me one person can stand this?
It's gonna take a planet for these problems to vanish

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lau China Blazer

So my favorite blazers used to be red supreme blazers, but after taking a glimpse at these I'm deff loving this shoe right here. I gotta have it in my collection =] Nike hasn't released anything that made anticipate the drop since the doom's so this is deff a good look! It's super limited drops Fridays on some exclusive spot so I will be trying my hardest to add to my closet =]

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Talk Nerdy To Me!

On my return back from San Francisco, I finally recieved my new computer parts and so I set everything up. This build for the computer was a bitch that took me HOURS to get things going but now that I have it running I couldn't be more happy =]

Here is the specs:

Processor: AMD AM2 Socket 6000 x2 (dual core 3GHz)

Memory: 4GB OCZ DDR2

Video Card: 8800GTS (640MB)

Hard Drives: 1 x 250GB Seagate + 1 x 320GB WD

Friday, June 20, 2008

Starting My Xmas List Early!

If you know me then you know I LOVE azn chicks, always have and always will. I don't discriminate though because I dig all types of females but everyone has their own personal preferences. Anywho Kt So is prolly at the top of my list for chicks that make me go "O_O" haha. She been killing the scene at HIN. Check her page over @

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Times In The Bay!

Haha the homeless people in the bay are pretty funny I must say =]

"Need $ For Alcohol Research!"

Diamond Drop!

If AZ wasn't hot as shit I'd cop but for the time being I think I can wait lol =]

Honorable Mention - Dom Kennedy

Over the weekend I had herd this mixtape and I must say I havn't herd anything this good on a mixtape in a really long time. So I had to give this guy a shoutout! Dom Kennedy had a lot of good tracks on "25th hour" which is the name of the mixtape. If you havn't herd of this guy you should deff check him out on myspace the guy is deff getting his props from me. I remember sean had told me about him awhile back but I just recently got on game. Go download that mixtape you wont be disappointed!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'd step on a few necks for this one.

The New Look!

So when I opened up the new NERD album I was checking out pictures from the cover and seen the new "running dog" jean's and I was loving the cut and they looked A LOT more slim then the original copy. Slim cut for the denim is called the “Smart Cut”. Deff need a pair of these to add to my collection.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Have A Lot Of Shoes, But Even More Books!

Tonight I stumbled across this book and HAD to buy it because Einstein to me was larger than life and was so ahead of his time. I do tons of reading and I just finished up a couple of books so I had to re-up on my collection. I believe everyone should read it keeps your brain fresh. Reading is cool regardless what the society try's to make it seem like. Educate yourself kids!

"They got the drop out keeping kids into school" - Kanye West

One last note... For all you kids out here who dress like "nerds" with your glasses and suspenders just like anything else us REAL nerds hate posers. If your gonna dress like a nerd at least be able to read a book with more depth then "The cat in the hat" please. I get sick and tired of people putting out the so called nerdy look but lack any of the real traits. So please don be the "wankster" of intellect. - J*star[X]

Seeing Sound!

After the Laker game (woo hoo! we won btw) I had to head down to grab my own copy of the new NERD album "SEEING SOUND", which I had herd online and LOVE IT! I always buy and tell others to buy albums for people who put out good music so they can continue to do so. I know everyone has access to catch anything before it drops with the online music but don't forget to support the people by BUYING a copy =] I will set this cd case on my desk at work because I'm a big fan of everything NERD is doing plus anything pharrell is behind I totally support.

10 Random Facts About Me!

1. My favorite TV show is "Little House On The Praire"

2. I think Chipotle is gross.

3. I have 3 little sisters.

4. I played soccer for 7 years.

5. Favorite video game is Counter-Strike on PC.

6. I read "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in the 4th grade.

7. I'm a firm believer in "The Secret".

8. Dave Chappelle is my hero.

9. I've been writting poetry since I was 8.

10. Favorite movie of all time is "Kill Bill" 1 & 2.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally... Glow In The Dark Tour!

I'ma keep this post short because words can't express how dope this was. BEST NIGHT EVER!

Special shoutouts to Kanye and everyone on the tour because AZ loved every second of the show!

Thank you pharrell that is the only dance I will be doing in for the rest of my life!

Opening Party For Bunky Boutique!

So I got a invite for the bunky opening on its new location downtown, It was real dope scene some really good music and food! The best thing about bunky is that the store is in a house so I really love the concept behind it. I really see this spot going a whole lot further then some places in AZ because its ran by people who know what they are doing and keeping it totally original so you gonna show props! I also love the huge robot they have on the front lawn sorry I'm a huge nerd and found this to be amazing! Thanks again for having me!

Dilated Peoples

Friday night's in AZ usually have me driving to the other side of town for pretty much no reason but not this time! I herd Dilated People were in town so I HAD to go because I'm a huge EV fan, hell he was there for my Hip Hop Baptism. Nothing is better then a few drinks with dope music.
First things first you gotta have fun with life and dont be scared to be yourself
"some call it a problem but I call it a gift" - EV

The ATM at the marque didn't work so I missed out =/Me and Sean *Start Jumping* haha

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wake Up Call...

Taken From ( )

Point Of View: Sean

"After the concert, J and I had hit 98.3 radio station to kick it with the homys. This was about 2:30, 3 in the morning. I was dead tired at this time, i was almost falling asleep on the couches at the station. We had left around 4 in the morning. I had to drop my friend off from the station to his crib. After that i had about a 45 min drive home. J had fell sleep and i was strugglin' to stay awake. I had nodded off and caught myself about twice. But the 3rd time i was awoke by the median dividing the freeway, i had opened my eyes and J's body was in front of me, in the drivers seat(we weren't wearing our seat belts, i know know). lol. I can laugh now because we were both ok. We had swerved and about 50 feet up we hit the median again, and did a complete circle i believe and ended up facing the opposite way on the freeway. I could barely get out my driver side door. We had both got out and were good, not 1 scratch, shook hands n kept it pushin' Just another story for the books.Crazy thing is, my mom had told me she had an urge to get up and pray for her children @ 3 in the morning.Heres the photos..." - Sean