Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mixtape: Jeary For Dolo!

The homie Jeary put his new project "Jeary For Dolo" out today! This project has been a year in the making. This album gives you a great perspective on the individual that is Jeary. His personality exudes through his music and with that significant trait, you get a better understanding of the person he is today. The album is dedicated to the life and memory of his mother. It's music, it's art, it's Jeary For Dolo!

Download "Jeary For Dolo" HERE


    •    My Time (Intro)
    •    For Dolo!
    •    Writing For My Life (Tough Galoot)
    •    Another 24
    •    Always Chasin’ (Here I Go)
    •    On One
    •    Holding Back
    •    Who Will Cry (Interlude)
    •    Where The Heart Is (Home)
    •    Interview With Yaya Martinez & Rapper Big Pooh (Interlude II)
    •    Hey Girl Feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Zai
    •    Wake Up! (Pay Attention) Feat. Crash Bandit & Zai
    •    Whenever, Whatever
    •    Celebration (Young, Black & Cultured) Feat. Zai
    •    My Time (Outro)

*Production Notes*
3- Rrelli Rell
4,5,15- Vanilla
6- JBM
7,9,11,14- Sammy Nichs
11- Hannibal King
13- Young Seth

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Congratulations Dru!

This past weekend, I was in L.A. for my brother's graduation. One of the best feelings was seeing him achieve a goal that we used to talk about as kids. My brother was always known as the fashionable kid in high school and was always determined to win best dressed in high school. The fact that he went to FIDM and took the toughest program (Fashion Design) speaks volumes. My brother is a true testament of where hard work and dedication can take you. This day will forever be instilled in my head and one the the best days of my life. We spent a lot of time talking about how challenging this task was but he never gave up. My brother gives me the confidence to chase my own goals and dreams. I've constantly seen him overcome challenges when the odds were stacked against him. He's a major part of my belief system that if you want it, you can get it. Congratulations to my brother, my best friend, my mentor! Salute!

Current Read: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

I'm always looking for inspiration through different people, from Jay-Z to Gandhi. Normally biographies bore me, but Walter Isaacson does a great job of keeping the stories fresh. Couple years ago I read a book on Albert Einstein that he wrote and it was superb. When I caught wind that he would be writing a biography on Steve Jobs I was excited to say the least. Let me start off by saying, this is my second time reading this book and it really does inspire me. Steve Jobs was a phenomanal individual. He's a true dreamer and with his passion for design, he changed the world. Reading the book I learned he was MUCH more than just the CEO for Apple. He changed the digital world as we know it today. The thing I admire most about Steve Jobs was his ability to consistantly do the impossible. From datelines to products, he never let anyone tell him it couldn't be done. Reading the book you hear the word "Distortion Field" quite a lot but that's what gave him the vision to climb over walls that many people thought were impossible. The book really makes you feel as if you're walking with him and he's telling you the story himself. I've always respected his work and his visions, being that I'm a tech geek but this book really placed him high on my board. I highly suggest you read this book and I promise you will have a new gained respect for Apple and Steve Jobs as an individual. If you've read the book I'd love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment and tell me what you think!

My Interview With The-Bui.com!

Earlier this week, I sat down with The-Bui.com to speak about my ventures with wine and spoke about Universal Love.

"At a glance, Justin Jackson doesn’t look like your typical wine expert but this guy knows more than there is to know about the world’s most sophisticated drink. Jackson kicks the “snobby” stereotype of a wine connoisseur even more with his taste in fashion and music, as well as his interest in philosophy. Not only does he have his own wine review site (JacksonAve.net), but is also a consistent writer for one of the most leading go-to sites for fashion and entertainment,C’est La Vie.  There’s a lot about this guy that keeps people on their feet at all times and it’s no surprise that he is an inspiration in his own form." - The-Bui.com 

Read the entire interview HERE

Monday, June 18, 2012

June Gloom!

I've been soaked in work and life in general but I didn't forget about my BlogSpot! I've had a few people come on my tumblr and ask about my return here. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of tumblr for the most part and will be here full time again. I was pleasantly surprised when I seen the amount of people who still follow my work here on BlogSpot so I will keep my work here. Thanks again guys!

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